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Essential Qualities of Business Catalyst Developers

Business catalyst is the solution for creating and managing the business websites. It is the business catalyst developers who help to draw the attention of the online customers and also increase the business prospects of the websites. Business catalyst experts are also helpful in such business solutions for the websites. With the help of these experts, effective online websites, shopping stores and lead generating sites can also be made.

Some of the basic things that one must check for the business catalyst developers are as follows:

Firstly, this will be helpful for the individual in forming an idea of the kind of services that they can expect from the developer.

Secondly, one of the main things that the catalyst developer must possess is a proper vision about the website so that it can reap good profits for the businessmen who will be developing the website. They should comprehend the pulse of the people. This will enable them to think of websites that will surely be popular with the browsers. Moreover, these websites will be more functional and help in making better business for the people.

The website developer must be creative and must not use the same designs for all websites. He must be able to make individual websites according to the needs of his clients. This will enable him to impress his clients and also to get good work in the future. He must be able to integrate good applications and good plugins so as to make the website easy to use and yet be impressive.

The developer must also be a good communicator. He must be able to make the client understand about the design of his website. He must also be able to understand the needs of his client so as to create the right kind of website for his client. This is very helpful for the client as he will be getting the best website for his business. The web design should also make an impact with the browsers. The popularity of the website ultimately lies in the traffic it generates. Hence, it is important that the browsers like the website as well.

Punctuality is another factor that is essential in a developer. He must be punctual and must deliver the work on time or else there will be problems in the business. You may have to decide on a time to launch the website and if the website is not ready by then, it will create lots of problems. Hence, punctuality is very essential in the business catalyst developers in order to help users know more about HTML Email Templates

Therefore, these are some of the qualities which a business catalyst developer must have. Without these essential qualities it will be difficult for the developer to make a name for himself in this field.

Managing Business Debt – Tips for Dealing With Cash Flow Insolvency

Most companies have some business debt. The ease with which they manage it is driven by the type of debt and why they have it. Revolving credit debt is used most often in situations where the company is dealing with cash flow insolvency.

A company will be at risk to the degree it is relying on credit for its survival. When you use a line of credit or a credit card, the risk is that you will have enough money, at a future date and time, to pay back the financial obligation when it is due. You are actually pledging your future business production to the credit company, and you will no doubt need the cash flow from that future production to pay future bills.

You cannot borrow your way to cash flow solvency. The solution to managing business debt is to handle the lack of cash flow to run the company and purchase what it needs without relying on credit. Here are some tips you can employ to create cash flow solvency.

Know Your Real Income Planning Target

Too many business owners under-estimate how much cash flow they need to bring in each week, or month, in order to do much better than breaking even. The simple reason for this is that they only use their accounting financial reports to try to figure out how much income the company needs to make to show a profit. Yet when they do show a profit, and have to pay taxes on it, they wonder why that profit is not sitting in their bank account. When it comes to cash flow, predicting the future requires planning for the future.

The simple calculation of how much your financials show it cost to run the company, plus the debt from the balance sheet, plus how much cash will be needed for handling future financial emergencies, paying taxes, funding business expansion, handling legal matters, salvaging the company in the case of a big downturn in the economy, and stashing cash to fund a retirement plan, typically reveals that the income planning target to do better than breaking even is a much larger number than estimated. This activity is known as building a budget.

Set Sales Targets and Quotas For Your Staff

If your income planning target is too low, then you are planning to go broke. If your income planning target is correct then you have a solid number to use to set the sales targets and quotas for your employees. If everyone, including the administrative staff that supports the sales staff, know the real target the company has to make, then they’ll work toward that target. When they don’t know what is actually expected of them, it can only hurt the business.

Pay Bonuses Instead Of Giving Raises

It is dangerous in the extreme for a company to get into the position of being expected to hand out pay raises every year. The business owner ends up paying more each year for the same performance, or sometimes less performance. Instead of giving raises every year, implement a bonus system based on exceeding the income planning target. You can pay bonuses out as a share of the profits over the target. Just as an example to start your thought process on this one, your bonus plan could pay smaller monthly or quarterly bonuses to keep staff excited and “in the game” and then a large bonus at the end of the year.

Find Ways to Cut Expenses

A requirement of managing business debt is more income as fast as possible to pay the debt off.

Examine where your business’ income is going and reduce all unnecessary expenses that do not contribute to bringing in more sales. Before you spend, work out how much money each and every purchase is going to return to your company.

TIP: Never stop promoting your company and its products to current customers and prospects – this is one area you don’t want to stop spending on. Just make sure you are getting a healthy return on the promotional investment.

Raise Your Prices

Increasing cash flow solvency requires keeping up with the annual increases in the cost of doing business. When your suppliers raise the prices they charge you, then you need to pass those increases on to your customers.

Tip: Raising your prices in small increments more frequently is less shocking to your regular customers than one huge increase once a year.

Allocate Your Cash Flow to YOUR Best Financial Advantage

Allocate some of your money toward paying past-due bills, debt, current bills, future large expenses that are difficult to pay when they come due, and the things you will need for handling emergencies, paying taxes, expanding your business and, most importantly, saving for your retirement.

Business owners whose companies consistently are running well in the black share the trait of having discipline when it comes to cash flow management. Careful, consistent management can increase cash flow solvency and speed up managing business debt.

Why Your Small Business or Start-Up Needs A Website

As a small businesses owner you might not think you really need a website. You are running your business face to face with your customers and expect that will always be the way you operate. And this may well be an accurate assumption.

But what happens when one of your loyal customers is at their local shopping centre and realizes they need to contact your company? They are not at their home, so they don’t have access to a telephone directory or your business flyer stuck on their fridge.

But they do have a smart phone.

So they type your details into Google to get your phone number.

What would your customer find if they did this today? If you don’t have a business website or any type of online presence, your customer will be finding your competitors! And if they are particularly desperate for your services they may call one of your competitors so they can quickly get what they need.

This is not what you want to happen. You have invested time and money in building up your business, giving your customers the products or services they want and offering great customer service. It’s crazy to think that your loyal customers might end up shopping elsewhere just because they could not find you online.

Think about the traditional places that you advertise. Perhaps you invest in mail outs to your local area. Mailbox drops or direct mail may be great options for you. You have the option of advertisements in your local newspaper and you probably have a listing in your local business phone directory such as the Yellow Pages.

More than likely you advertise in these places for two reasons.

The first is that you know they work. Advertising brings more business if it is done correctly. New customers mean more profit for your business as well as ensuring the ongoing viability of your company.

The second reason for advertising in well-known places is that most of your competitors will be advertising there too. It’s not uncommon to receive mailbox flyers from competing companies on the same day. The telephone directory lists hundreds of businesses in the same industry and each of those pays for that advertising so they can stand out.

Your competitors are most definitely advertising online and making sure they have their own websites. Whether your industry is landscaping, dentistry, cleaning or fitness training, your competitors know the benefits of their customers being able to find them online. More and more of your customers are spending increasing time online; it may seem odd to them that you don’t have a website.

Don’t panic if you don’t know anything about starting or maintaining a website. There are teams like 99 Business FX to help you at every single step. We’ll partner with you to get you online with the minimum of fuss. And we’ll also make sure your new customers can find you online.

Serving your customers well is the number one reason that your small business should have a website. When your customers search for you, you want them to be able to find you quickly and easily.