Why Your Small Business or Start-Up Needs A Website

As a small businesses owner you might not think you really need a website. You are running your business face to face with your customers and expect that will always be the way you operate. And this may well be an accurate assumption.

But what happens when one of your loyal customers is at their local shopping centre and realizes they need to contact your company? They are not at their home, so they don’t have access to a telephone directory or your business flyer stuck on their fridge.

But they do have a smart phone.

So they type your details into Google to get your phone number.

What would your customer find if they did this today? If you don’t have a business website or any type of online presence, your customer will be finding your competitors! And if they are particularly desperate for your services they may call one of your competitors so they can quickly get what they need.

This is not what you want to happen. You have invested time and money in building up your business, giving your customers the products or services they want and offering great customer service. It’s crazy to think that your loyal customers might end up shopping elsewhere just because they could not find you online.

Think about the traditional places that you advertise. Perhaps you invest in mail outs to your local area. Mailbox drops or direct mail may be great options for you. You have the option of advertisements in your local newspaper and you probably have a listing in your local business phone directory such as the Yellow Pages.

More than likely you advertise in these places for two reasons.

The first is that you know they work. Advertising brings more business if it is done correctly. New customers mean more profit for your business as well as ensuring the ongoing viability of your company.

The second reason for advertising in well-known places is that most of your competitors will be advertising there too. It’s not uncommon to receive mailbox flyers from competing companies on the same day. The telephone directory lists hundreds of businesses in the same industry and each of those pays for that advertising so they can stand out.

Your competitors are most definitely advertising online and making sure they have their own websites. Whether your industry is landscaping, dentistry, cleaning or fitness training, your competitors know the benefits of their customers being able to find them online. More and more of your customers are spending increasing time online; it may seem odd to them that you don’t have a website.

Don’t panic if you don’t know anything about starting or maintaining a website. There are teams like 99 Business FX to help you at every single step. We’ll partner with you to get you online with the minimum of fuss. And we’ll also make sure your new customers can find you online.

Serving your customers well is the number one reason that your small business should have a website. When your customers search for you, you want them to be able to find you quickly and easily.

How Do You Create Repeat Business, Referrals and Pass Your Targets the Easy Way?

Relationships 1st – Business 2nd

How do you create repeat business, referrals and pass your targets the easy way?

Buildings Relationship with your Customers first and then the rest will follow.

Customer service has been a strategy used in many successful businesses, and yet it is overlooked today for the more complex expensive strategies to gain customers and sales when we have everything we need to make that happen in the business right now.

In today’s business economy it seems that we are all too busy gathering more and more information about new, you-beaut ways to contact and connect with people via Social Media, that we have lost the personal touch that will have the customer return and bring friends and family with them. A strategy that is cost effective and it works.

People like to be made to feel special… Yet how many people leave your business feeling less than that?

The facts are staggering – 68% of customers move away from a business because they are “upset by the treatment they have received” – THIS IS PREVENTABLE

And what’s more concerning, is that most businesses are not aware of the “lifetime value” of their customer. Focusing on the “one transaction” and not for the term of the relationship. If they did, and did the sums, they would be ensuring that everyone that stepped into the business came back for more and more.

There are NOT preventable reasons people move away as well (i.e. die, move on, seek alternatives or have a friend that they can use) but that only accounts for 18%, the remainder 14%, is from a dissatisfaction in the product or service.

Right now I want you to calculate how much is 68% of customer loss in terms of yearly PROFIT for your business: $20K, $50K or even $500K?… Are you getting it yet? This opportunity is right there in your business, right now and would make a MASSIVE difference in your business and lifestyle if action was taken in this area.

I see a lot of businesses struggle to make sales targets, keep customers and make sufficient profits for time spent in the business and it doesn’t make sense when access to change is by taking action in this area with some cost effective new ways of interacting.

So today I am going to show you how you can change this trend and start to enjoy the benefits of a loyal customer base that will be your advocates.

Firstly we apply the 4 Basics in GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE

Exceed your customers expectations

Having a WOW + 1 delivery

Following your own set of service standards and

Consistently applying all of the above to each and every interaction with your customers

Then add building personal relationships with your customers as a “MUST” in every communication interaction. Here are some examples you can bring into your business today, right now.

Building personal relationships:

Always give a warm welcome

BE honest

Find out what they want and give it to them

Find out what they don’t want and don’t give it to them

Ask lots of questions

Deliver 101% all the time

Under promise and Over deliver – not the other way around

SMILE – ( it takes 27 muscles to frown and only 9 to smile)

Always do the right thing even when it hurts the bottom line

Take 100% responsibility

Every successful business I have come in contact with has this one thing in common and that is a HIGH level of people skills across their business.

So if improving your Customer Loyalty and reducing unnecessary Marketing costs is a GOAL for 2014 financial year for your Business – give this strategy a try and stand out from your competitors and improve your profits at the same time.

If you are struggling with the TIME factor or do not have the professional skills in this area contact us at “The Winning Effect” to discuss your individual needs and build on your business performance.

Your success in business

What Is SEO And Why It Is Important For Your Online Business?

SEO – Organic Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of making websites achieve high ranking on search engines. It is very important for websites to rank high on search engines like Google because most people search for information online using Google.

High ranking on search engines makes websites easy to find online which translates to high traffic and increased sales in the case of online businesses.

How To Use SEO In Your Internet Marketing Business?

1. Keyword Analysis

This is one of the most common SEO forms.

You can use keyword analysis to discover suitable keywords that are popularly used by internet users to find sites in your niche.

For instance, if your business is in the health and fitness niche, keyword analysis can help you discover the best set of keywords to use in your niche.

This in turn increases the chances of internet users finding your site when they search online using those keywords. Keyword analysis basically helps you identify and incorporate popular and relevant keywords in your website to increase the online visibility of your business.

Great keyword tool is Google Keyword Tool and it’s free.

2. Social Media Optimization

You can also use SEO to perform social media optimization.

This is a special form of optimization (internet marketing) that ensures that your business website incorporates social media functionalities such as sharing, posting e.t.c.

Social media websites have over 700 million active users daily. They can’t therefore be ignored in internet marketing because most online users are social media website members. It is important to note that search engines consider social media integration when ranking websites.

You can therefore use SEO to ensure that your website is integrated with all major social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google + because this has a direct impact on ranking in major search engines like Google.

3. Content Optimization

This is another SEO form that is very important in internet marketing.

Content optimization ensures that the content of your business website is of the highest quality possible. This is important because search engines also consider content quality as an important criterion when ranking websites.

You can use this SEO form to ensure that your internet marketing business offers the most valuable content to website visitors. Quality content plays a huge role in attracting and maintaining website traffic.

Content optimization is one of the best forms of organic search engine optimization.

In summary, these are the main ways of using SEO in your internet marketing business. It is however important to note that there are other ways you can use SEO in your internet marketing business i.e. linking building, image optimization, indexing e.t.c.

The Importance Of SEO In Online Business

SEO is important for online businesses for one main reason which is attracting traffic. You must include SEO in to your marketing plan. Online businesses can’t be able to survive without traffic (website visitors).

Because search engines such as Google handle majority of internet traffic, it is important for online business websites to be made in a search engine friendly way.